MIL back on - bugger

MIL back on… but not flashing… so not worried

can anyone remember the extinguish protocol? i think its after 5 successive starts without the original problem being sensed again… but is there a mileage condition too i.e. 20 miles between starts?

The stop start works, sometimes!! The dealer can reset it as well but it will just come back on again, well mine always does. Do you have the stardard exhaust, induction etc? Mine has been on since sports CAT fitted. The light on steady is just telling you the lambda sensors are not happy with the emissions. Elise parts sell a little gadget to fool the censors if your that bothered, but no harm is being done with the light on any way.

Mine kept coming on several times after being re-set. Speak to the dealer for re-assurance . It’s probably taking a while to re-learn & settle down. Does the car get frequent use?

After about the 4th or 5th re-set, mine settled down & hasn’t been a problem since.