Miketurn - Janspeed ?

MikeWhen you took off your 500 mile Janspeed SS did it rattle - daft question maybe but I just took the whole exahust off and the cat pipe looks fine and the rear box has no rattles - there is though a bit of padding in the pipe … maybe a clue there then !! - is that the same prob you had ?ThanksAndrew

MinimanThe exhaust started off fine, then a small crack appeared on the o/s end, then it started getting noisy, then it sounded like a million maraca players having a fit and THEN the whole side of the exhaust blew off - no wadding - NOTHING! I have a cat bypass pipe fitted too.Sounded like a truck! New exhaust is great - don’t forget, Janspeed offers a lifetime guarantee for their exhausts, so if its knacked, they’ll replace it free, Dude!

Cheers MikeBox on ts way to Janspeed - nothing broken but wadding stuck in the joints so my guess is its blown the stuffing out of it !!