Mikalor Hose Clamps

Just thinking of getting myself a silicone coolant hose set and have heard that these clamps are the very best availableon the market - web page , especially the Supra (W4) Pro. Anyone used them or are there other makes out there just as good?

I have used the supra pro as exhaust clamps on my last Escort Cosworth. Excellent quality and clamps 360* around the pipe or hose. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
Maybe a little ott for water hoses but they do look good.

I used ABA Stainless Steel clamps for all my silicone hoses. The ones at the bottom of the picture but in STST so no rust …


They have a smooth STST liner that is just perfect for Silicone - the Mikalor clamps are great for exhuasts etc but you can go a bit OTT tightening them up on water hoses.

edit … Ahem … of course price might come into play

Cheers chaps - Andy those ones of yours look even more expensive!!!