Mid-life crisis II has arrived

Two, maybe three, years since I started pining for my Audi A4 Avant replacement, it has arrived. RS4, white, carbon interior, black pack with most of the options and a panoramic roof(which proved to be the major selling point for Mrs T).
Just loving the sound when it fires up. Spent the last two weeks trying to explore all the various driver options + radio, satnav, phone cos I’ve never hd such a sophisticated motor before.
Lots of things still to discover but clearly the fuel pumps will be taking a hammering. I now use cash on alternate Premium fill-ups in the hope that Mrs T doesn’t work out via credit card bills how much juice it slurps.
Having said that, she is a convert to the ease of the auto box. Lots of fun to be had and Christ the sound when you give it full welly.

In a similar way to a Roller, does it come with a removable bat concealed in the door?


Steer clear of Bradford, even with a concealed bat :angel:

If there is one, I haven’t found it yet. :open_mouth:

White - good choice! ;D

Fantastic :clap This is agood way to enjoy midlife II :slight_smile:

Very nice; does Exiges saloon expert Ben approve though?!! :wink:

Love it :sunglasses: really happy you finally got one after lusting after one for so long.

I considered one when downsizing from the enormous E class wagon but ended up staying Merc as I was seduced by the noise and general hooligan demeanour of the C63S wagon.

I had a faithful A4 Avant which did everything I needed it to do, super low running costs and only one repair in 80k miles. Looked like new when it went. It was very sensible and economical, I somehow don’t thinks yours will be either of those things.

Very nice, cant wait to see/hear it!

That’s lovely. Very nice indeed.

Thanks, fellas. Much appreciated. Ran it for extended period in Dynamic( sport) mode yesterday. Glorious soundtrack.

Love that :clap:

But I do love a fast Audi, had 2 RS3’s previously and now drive a 2018 TT RS

I did consider an RS4 but we really didn’t need another big car.

Thanks, Ade. I loved my previous A4 Avant which had a remap and went like hell. And Mrs T’s TT. Is rock solid despite its age.

Looks great Steve and looking forward to hearing and seeing the new toy. :slight_smile:

Mid life :slight_smile: - lovely motor you have there Thommo - keep your keys safe :wink:

Very nice indeed always had a hankering for an RS. Early in the week I was parked next to an RS3 when it fired up and my colleague near wet himself

:smiley: Not gauged the opinion of the neighbours a yet but it does strike up with quite a roar. I let it idle until it settles down and reaches working temperature ( like the S1) then I purr quietly out of the cul de sac where we live and hold myself in check until I reach the A6 where, ev en in standard Drive mode, it’s hard to resist the thunderous V8.
I have also just realised that the only time previously that I have had a V8 under my throttle pedal was when I drove a GT40 down the M56 in Cheshire at highly illegal speeds. Now that was some car. Speedo was on extreme left of the right hand drive car but with a pal we saw !20 mph in a 30 mph area inBirkenhead.
Long story, I will bore you all with some day. If I havenot already done so.

:clap: Beauty Steve

Thanks, Jonny👍

Looks fab Steve :slight_smile: glad you finally convinced Mrs T to take the plunge and let you looses with the purse… :laughing:
Look forward to hearing the GT40 saga :astonished: