Mid-Engined Series

Just looked at the website and it looks like the first race of the season is on at Mallory on Sunday 1st May and I am certainly planning to come along.

Just realised, that is the Sunday after Croft!!! I presume the usual characters will be going along,…jeez we are gonna be sick of the sight of each other

I was hoping to have my car ready, but somehow I don’t think so… (Maybe for Snetterton ??)

Still I’ll be there in one of the pits !!!

Still I’ll be there in one of the pits !!!

In that case, please can I order 1cwt of nutty slack please?

please can I order 1cwt of nutty slack?

Make yer own…


Fancy a look at this race series. Could you post the link to the website please. Does it have the technical regulations and stuff on it???


There you go, mate - suggest you get along to Mallory, where RussT will be competing in the first race of this season I’m sure that you’ll be “well up” for this after Croft


Can’t sleep again, eh Rob ??

Try the Horlicks !!

Can’t sleep again, eh Rob ??

Try the Horlicks !!

Doesn’t seem to work for you, though, Uncle M

But I’m on bloomin night shift !!

It’s double espresso all the way for me !!!

What is the race program for tomorrow? Anyone know?

Practice starts 0930, Racing from 1300. I’ll be there with 83boy

Good luck today guys .


Race report now up, slightly wrong though - I am pretty sure we finished…

Ignore the “class win” btw, clerical error.

Roll on the next race, only 3 seconds a lap to find!

Good report, but as you say a bit inaccurate…

Errr… Matt Cummings actually retired because his throttle pedal connector, which is just a snap on fitting, (as we all know)somehow mysteriously sprang off, just as he had threaded through four cars at the start… He was mightily pi##ed off, but came back in style in the invitation race…

PS Err… - the car retired from the invitation race, with Ben R driving, with a gearchange selector problem - suspected stretched cable…