Mid-Engined Series @ Mallory Photo Gallery

Been a bit of a busy week and me & Tap have only just gotten around to posting the pictures from Mallory.

Digital cameras don’t know what to do with the Dynarod Orange Russ, pick a more camera friendly colour scheme next season

Let me know if you want prints or could use images for sponsors etc…Enjoy!

TSU Photo Mallory Gallery Clicky


i said this before… but your pics are nothing short of [color:“red”] STUNNING [/color]

Absolutely fantastic…

Did you take any at Croft ?

Thanks for the comments Rox. Most of the credit goes to Mr Taperell,…he is the master Just working at trying to be consistent,…hmmm just like my driving

Croft was the day of technical issues for me,…not only was my car sick, so was my camera. Will get around to sorting out what I have, I think Ian and I were going to forward it to David to make a gallery.

Yup, totally excellent pics Ben, you have the knack!

Some of the best I have seen, and miles better than the usual trackday ripoff stuff !!!