Mid -Engined, Donington

A bit previous, but we are off to Le Mans tomorrow, leaving only two days to Donny when we get back.

A double - header this time, Sat & Sun, 25/26th June.

Team VVR are pushing the boat out this time, with Veronique and Sarah attending in their new transporter with full catering facilities, kindly provided by Azreal & family.
We are entered for both the mid-engined, plus the endurance race, with a guest driver making an appearance.

Come and say hello and do not bring any food or drink!

Should be great!

Hi Guys/gals,

I cannot edit the above post for some reason, so I will have to apologise instead! I was a little overambitious in my post above and made it sound as if Steve’s guys can feed and water the entire paddock.

That is most definitely not the case as this would mean an even bigger effort than they already put in, so ignore the bit about catering, I was talking bollox!

Hi Guys/gals,

I was talking bollox!

Nothing new there then…

Nothing new there then…

Mike, just wait until we get to Le Mans - both Russ & Toots talking complete & utter bollox for a week

I have to say that when it comes to talking bllcks Toots can take the world crown - I’ll never forget the night that the Ascari retired, the bad vibes at the bar as a result , the subsequent head butting of a tree topped of by Toots’ life story - what a night of great depth and passion… I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but laughter won out in the end. Pure pathos. Russ, on the other hand, seems to have to work at it a bit…

Hopefully I’ll get along to support you,again on this one (I was at Cadwell when you were at Snet). Well done there BTW.

Toots is definitely Olympic standard. If you could have bottled the atmosphere that night, you would be a millionaire. Top bloke!

And he is coming this year…

I shall be there, got a suite at Redgate for the weekend, doing a bit of corporate entertainment !

Hi Rob

Come & say hello in the paddock But will we recognise you if you’re all suited up?

hi guys would of come on sat or sun but workin ps there are too many robs on this forum

Gutted, but I won’t be able to make it this weekend to Donny and Tap won’t be able to make it either

It is my birthday on Saturday (and I am going to the FoS ) and Sunday, Tap and I have a long standing commitment to cover the Brticar/Belcar at Brands for a couple of the teams. I presume you are at Brands with Simon then Randy if the Nissan is broke? If so, I will swing by on Sunday and say hello,…J will probably see you on Sat and take you up on your offer of stickers if that’s ok?

Whose idea was it to schedule the MESC, Britcar/Belcar and FoS all on my birthday weekend

Yup I will be there at Brands, see you there .

When the Brands Brit Car?

It’s Sat and Sunday but most of the racing is on Sunday. There is also Belcar on the programme too! The schedule is on the Brands website here - kicks off at ten.

PM me if you are planning to come on Sunday.

Sweet! Will probably go on SUnday but will PM closer to the time

My Birthday on saturday too. Was supposed to be going to FoS today but my tickets never turned up.
Hopefully will be going to brands on Sunday if I dont have too much of a hangover.

Looked on the mid engined site and there doesn’t appear to be aprogramme for either day - will be in the area on Sunday and was going to call in - anyone know any timings?

Looked on the mid engined site and there doesn’t appear to be aprogramme for either day - will be in the area on Sunday and was going to call in - anyone know any timings?

Sounds normal then…


Thanks to Russ, Graham, Martin, Steve, Rob Sarah et al connected with VVR for a great weekend of motor sport and some excellent results, particularly today’s endurance (4th from 19 on the grid after a broken half shaft/CV yetserday meant a DNF yesterday when running 2nd!).

Onwards and upwards… SeeHere

Sounds like the car is really working now . Shame about the DNF though, I know how that feels .