Micronet showroom.com Help!

I am just going trough the process of hope fully ordering an S2 exige. Now what i want is Performance pack,Air-con and chrome orange paint. List price some where near 34K. The above company will do this for 30K!!how is this possible, is it a rip off!!!I ask my local Lotus dealer and he said i don’t wish to talk about them but warned me to go in with my eyes wide open and be very carfull!!! So can any one tell me any thing about these people??? also when You guys bought your exige from your dealer did you get any discount???.

thanks for any help guys

I would do a Google search on Micronet, add in problems or something like that in the search field, I have heard that there have been problems in the past.

Never heard of them before but googled and found this:

Not very confidence inspiring.

Did you buy your Exige yet Nath?

no i didn’t!!!

I am having real problems selling my RS focus mate and there is no decent exiges in the dealers at the minute, for a resnable price in the coulours i want, so i am just waiting and waiting, but i feel like i have been waiting so so long. do u have any exige for sale?