Message for 83man (NEC)

Hi Mike,Here’s the link to my pics. Use what you want. Good to see you this eveningHope you had a safe journey home.Niall.Apologies for using this method to communicate, I guessed your correct vscc e-mail address.Forgive me everyone else.

Niall,Many thanks. In case anyone else is interested these are Niall’s shots of the Lotus day at VSCC Silverstone on 21 Sep.Mike

NiallDo you fancy Donnington on Thursday 21st November with BAT???I’m booked up!See you soon (there hopefully)Giles

Giles,Might go for this one myself…Mike

Go on Mike - You Know it makes sense!See you there?That makes 5 Exiges on the list!

Might make it six.Have someone interested in buying my car, however if it goes pear shaped, I might just join in the fun at Donnington.Trevor