MESC @ Brands this Saturday (20/8)

Anybody going to Brands this Saturday to support VVR? Russ, do you have a timetable??? It is not on the MSV website yet. Also I assume there is an endurance race???

I will probably be there bright and early (as I am shooting with Tap) and travelling from SW London AC/W round the M25 if anyone fancies hooking up…


The Edwards Boyz, Cellophane Sarah & myself will be there. Russ is doing the Endurance race with Azrael in Russ’s car.

Will be going to Shelsley Walsh on the way back on Sunday too

Hope to to see you at Shelsley then

I was considering Shelsley on Sunday as well. Are you guys all staying somewhere darn sarf on Saturday then???


I think we’re staying Chez Edwards, which is darn sarf for us, but Oop North for you

Would have come along to support but unfortunately im at the V festival.

Was going but now can’t make it - have made my apologies to Russ, Rob etc.

I will be at Shelsley on Sunday - could be quite a party there!

Was going but now can’t make it - have made my apologies to Russ, Rob etc.

He has too. A true gentleman who was brought up proper rite

Sorry you won’t be at Brands, but look forward to seeing you (& 83boy?) at Shelsley. We’ll be the ones in the “quiet” T shirts

Russ, do you have a timetable???

Yeah, would be good if you do have times, I have a bit of a clash, but intended to bring the little guy (have even got him ear defenders!) and perhaps my dad too. Three generations of Goodalls, be afraid, be very afraid!


Here you are chaps:

Unfortunately, weather is looking somewhat iffy

Cheers dad, SHAUS at trhe mo.

how did it go russ?
I didn’t manage to get there yesterday

Quite a boring day really…

Qualified eighth, went off at Druids on the first lap after a reasonable getaway and threw it away into the gravel. I got out and had spent around 3 laps trying to catch up when I saw Ben on fire at the top of Hailwood Hill and Rex upside down in the gravel at Clark Curve. The race was red-flagged and we reformed on the grid in our current positions. When the lights went out we managed around 400 yards when, right in front of us, the Noble spun halfway down Paddock Hill Bend. Michaelangelo Seggatori was on my left, we chose our respective escape routes and he was unlucky. He smacked into the side of the Noble and I buggered off unscathed only to see the red flag again. This time it was finished so we ended up with a twelfth place and a change of underwear.

A couple of interesting asides were that Steve’s (Azreal) car performed well at last which was good to see - as did his family catering unit who put up the usual top class grub in the paddock - Thanks !!!

Also the Edwards Boys who did their usual thing and repaired a wiring problem with minutes to spare - superb.

Oh and they managed to fix my tractor on sunday so we could get home…

Steve and I then had an enjoyable run in the Endurance race which was largely trouble free to twelfth (I think), with the highlight being a fifteen minute “tussle” with Phil Bennett in a big old Aston chasing us down for the first half of the race. Steve did a great job to bring it home undamaged with so much traffic around and being unfamiliar with the car.

Usual thanks to Pesky for organising us, Simon and Elaine for coming to support, Benja for the top class photos and Mrs Edwards for the B&B.

looks like it was an expensive weekend for some

well done, sounds like you were a bit unlucky but at least you and the car are still in one piece

will definately see you at the next race meeting oop north

Jesus - looks like absolute carnage!! Guy and Ben must be gutted, fire can do so much damage. Anyone here know what caused the fire?


Bit of meaningless trivia for you. Just gave my step dad a link to the pics and pointed out your car. He loved it and this was his response:

"The front window sticker of the Autotorque car shows ‘Terry King Racing’. Terry King used to race Escorts at Croft and Rufforth etc in the 70’s when we were racing our Escort. He has also just enquired about registering with the HRSR to race a Cortina GT and a Morris Minor!.

What caused the fire in the silver car? Also, what made the Elise turn over?"



As far as Ben could tell, it was a fault on the second set of injectors inside the airbox - either a faulty nozzle or leaking pipe I would guess. The car finished up a right mess.

Rex in the Honda Exige went off gently into the gravel and just did the one slow roll, so hopefully it has not put him off. The guy has had two crashes in his first two races so he must be cheesed off.

Still, thats racing I guess. Just a good job the incidents were not combined.

A big thanks to Russ for the share of his car in the Enduro and to Martin, Steve and of course Pesky for making it all run smoothly.
I’d never driven at Brands or in Russ’ car before so the learning curve was steeper than paddock hill bend, it was very trusting of him to let me loose like that - especially when there is 30+ cars vying for space on only 1.2 miles of tarmac.

On a final note I’ve heard it mentioned several times now that AMOC are going to be more choosey in inviting certain cars from the Mid-engined race into the Endurance race and while I really hope it’s not, I’ve got an awful feeling that it’s the Honda,Audi Duratec elise/exiges that are going to suffer first.

…I’ve got an awful feeling that it’s the Honda,Audi Duratec elise/exiges that are going to suffer first.



Hi Ian, The numbers entering the Endurance race are getting larger at every meeting and the rather purist officials are going to have to take a view of what carws they want in and which they want out.
Like I said before I don’t know this to be the case for certain against the non standard engined cars and I hope I’m wrong.