Merry XMAS and Happy New Year

well i am back from hol’s so it is great to spend a few hours scanning through the board and catch up on what has been going on.My Exige has a totally flat battery (although i ran her for 4 hours before locking her up) after standing still for 2 weeks. I have found out that this is normal behaviour and with no power point to use i will have to arrnage a car sitter next time!!!Also found out that she was running on the front left and back right wheels (had the tyres changed over after Donington!! Pesky). Mad i know the castor’s, toe and camber’s are well out so it will be abck to Lotus for some shimes i think a.s.a.p.Anyway ownership is great and thank the lord for a car liek the Exige. Merry times to all, Mark.