Merry Christmas

Well as its Christmas eve here (im in NZ and the dateline means we’re a day ahead) thought Id wish you all a Merry Christmas, before I head down the pub in a few hours !!

Hope you’ve all been good and Santa brings you all your Exige presents (not shiney bling )

Just wish I had my car here roads are fantastic…


Yes, never to early to wish a Happy Christmas to all!

My boss leaves me for NZ just after Christmas, leaving me in charge for a month.


My boss leaves me for NZ just after Christmas, leaving me in charge for a month.


IDG is David Brent


And I wish all fellow “Exigers” a great Crimbo & a happy 2006

IDG is David Brent

You’ve seen my new hair cut then!

I’ll work on the facial hair.

I thought Brent was meant to be in charge!


Merry Chrimbo to all toooooooooo


my sincere best wishes to all of you on Christmas and New Year

May Santa bring you all the toys you wished for

I hope to see you down south more often in 2006

Merry Christmas to all of you from Norway… … Hope to met some of you again in 2006 on the track…:slight_smile:

seconded, same from snowy Switzerland
First Christmas with our snapper
All the best

Merry Christmas from across the pond!!

Yes, some of us over here will go out on a limb and still wish people a Merry Christmas…

Happy Christmas to all Exigers! Have a good one.

Hope to finally meet some of you next year.

Merry Christmas to one & all, it would be great to meet up with some of you next year.


merry christmas everyone

Merry Xmas one and all on Christmas Morning

G/F drying hair - time for sneaky quick look on the board

All the family presents won’t fit in the Exige (well they would but not if G/F wants to come as well ) so no Xmas blast in the Exige today Ho (ho) hum, MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a top day

Happy Christmas One and All!

Merry Christmas all.

For those of you about to get stuck in to a big ol’ bird - it may be wise to have your Christmas dinner first!

Merry Christmas! Only one problem I am a few thousand miles away from my Exige Having to go and get my petrol fix from a snowmobile

Happy X-mas to you all! Hope to see you on the road sometime next year when my Exige has arrived.


Seasons greating everyone

Seasons greatings everyone