Merry Christmas

To one & all [image][/image]

Thanks Pesky, That’s cheered me up no end. [image][/image]Merry Christmas all.Brendan

HA HA HA HA ----- i failed !!!but with 8 kids, i guess you already knew that i was insane anyway !!!Merry Christmas all !!![This message has been edited by Phil Davies @ home (edited 24 December 2001).]

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Pesky:To one & all [image][/image] likewise… [image][/image] have a good one…Bruno [image][/image]

Have a good Christmas folks and all the best for 2002! [image][/image]

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!..oops, a bit later. I’ll blame that on various varieties of fermented sugar!Anybody get anything fun? Clarkson’s latest car tomfoolery whiled away an afternoon.Ian [image][/image]

And a happy New Year from the Equator! (or thereabouts)Bloody Hell it is hot here [image][/image][This message has been edited by RussT (edited 01 January 2002).]

quote:Originally posted by RussT:Bloody Hell it is hot here [image][/image]Bar Steward [image][/image]What makes it worse, is your lot being top of the league [image][/image]CU on the 11th.