Merch - tee shirts

We have new tee shirts available.

Various sizes
£15 delivered.


Anyone after these?

Paypal / BT available …

Where is the shop link now?

Chopped it matey. It wasn’t being used.

If you want one just drop me a message.

What do we do if we’re not called Andy Bond? Asking for a friend who’s not called Andy Bond.

This why they are £15 not £25 :smile::+1:

So we save a tenner then? :thinking::bulb: saving the British economy one step at a time

I am going to use the money raised to send out a plant to stupid people.

All stupid people have to walk around with the plant apologising to it. The plant works to covert co2 to o2 and the oxygen thieves come along and convert it back.

What if I’m profoundly stupid and talk too much? Do I get two plants, or three?

Ill send you a tracking number.

I’m gonna get me a forest! Woohoo!