Mercedes F1 commercial

Now I HATE those �this bank/investment group is just like an F1 team� commercials that they show when the F1 is on.

But that Mercedes one that was on today, that�s just class…


Excellent isn’t, really looks like they enjoyed making it.

The Making of it is here in motor sport section


That is the best advert i’ve seen in long while. A good catch. Well done

Now, if I’m right they are driving CL63 AMGs, one of which I was fortunate enough to borrow last Thursday for a Prees Launch for SeeRed 2007 . Why? Well, we will have the Mercedes W125 that ran in the 1937 Donington GP at our meeting in Sep giving on-track demos, see HERE for an idea - as well as lot’s of other things of course. This was the result in 1937:

Donington (known as the ‘Donington GP’)

  1. R.Rosemeyer Auto-Union 133.31kph/82.85mph
  2. M.von Brauchitsch Mercedes Benz
  3. R.Caracciola Mercedes Benz

Dick Seaman also had a W125 but retired after an accident.

Anyway, awesome power from the AMG and so many tricks that it is totally safe… I was lucky enough to drive it around the Old Melbourme Loop at Donington (not the one that is currently part of the Donington full circuit but the original course further towards Melbourne). We had plenty of other stuff there as well - should be some press coverage soon I hope. Great fun.

I think they’re AMGed up C-class (“Black edition”?). But you lucky, lucky…


I think Mike is on about the Silver one, which is a CLK 63 AMG Black Series.


I’ll have to check on the spec sheet they sent me.

Yes, definitely called CL63 AMG. This is the engine spec:

No. of cylinders/arrangement: 8/V, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement: cc 6208
Bore x stroke: mm 102.2 x 94.6
Rated output: hp 525 @ 6800 rpm
Rated torque: Nm 630 at 5200 rpm
Compression ratio: 11.3 : 1
Mixture formation: Electronically-controlled PI
Transmission: AMG Speedshift 7-G Tronic 7-speed automatic

Impressive - wish I’d read it before I drove it!

But did you play with the electric rear curtain, that’s what I’d like to know?!

If it sounded anything like the pace car from the weekend I might have fainted!


No, I just drove it! It did make that wonderful burbling sound of the F1 pace cars.