MERC racing K20 inlet manifold

As above - in a S1 - does it fit with the standard bulkhead ??

Looking to switch to a TVS 1320 and remote charge cooler …

I think Tim investigated this so I’m sure he’d have an idea. Lots of us would be interested in seeing someone do this on a SC Honda S1 esp given the weakness/supply-issues with JRSC and the less than optimal cooling.

Go on Andy you know you love a project and an excuse to buy new shiny things :smiley:

yeah well … seeing the two best S1 Exiges in the world in one garage mademye think I should pull my finger out and fix up the black one.

The 900 quid Plus vat that MSC want for the CC brick and the comments that " possibly the only one available for some time " concentrated my mind that there has to be a better solution - either the Merc way or a built NA came to top of the list on the way home.

yeah so I’m looking at this, you’d need to move the bulkhead to fit the 1320

Is your car SC already?

Yeah already DC5 inlet and Jackson with the link up charge cooler brick …
It’s pretty useless with high ambients and SSC have fitted a 1320 to that set up without bulkhead mods but I want to ditch the Jackson DC5 and use the MERC racing version to enable a remote cooler.
Not prepared to modify the bulkhead though …

yeah really it’d make a nice setup if you used the Merc manifold, 1320, then a big CC brick over the top of the gearbox.

Someone needs to give it a try, go on Andy do it! You gonna do it in Aus or is the car gonna get repatriated?

well Harrop are local to you… (ish)

What about these guys ?

Harrop are 30 mins away so … and deffo do it in Aus

I could upgrade the V6 to a TVS1900 and have a spare 1320 and see how it works out …
Then I really have to ditch the Audi :unamused:

If the 1320 on a Merc inlet would fit it makes the best setup for sure - will sleep on it

Ditch the Audi and buy my NA Honda for track use here !

Hmmm :question: