Melting relays

On the way back from the Moto GP yesterday stopped to get petrol, and when it came to starting the car the fuel pump wouldn’t prime, eventually traced it to the top relay in the bulkhead ( after 2 hours ) which had burnt out and started to melt. Swapped it over with the bottom relay and off I went. Is the bottom relay a spare as it only shows 3 in the handbook, also in there it shows the top one as being blank. Typo in the handbook?
I’ve been to the local dealer today and got a new relay put it in and its working fine now but the relays getting pretty hot does anybody know if it should hold much heat in it.

Had the same problem some time back,

The 4th relay is for the aircon apparently.


Cheers mate, I’ll keep the fire extinguisher handy for a few days just in case!.