Meeting up at Emerald on 2.7.02

right, it’s official now…me engine is running again…so, I will pick it up tomorrow at Colins place with a little help from Mr Pesky…I will bed in the rings over the weekend in sunny Scotland…(will be a bit boring…only allowed to do 3500 rpm for the first 250 miles…etc…) will do the mapping at Emerald on 2.7.02. so, it would be great to catch somebody down there (Phil?)later,Bruno

ok Bruno…hmm…I’m talking to myself here…he-he…shame that nobody has got time…oh well…might catch you up next year then.cheers,Bruno

Hey Bruno, w�r ja g�rn choo; aber kei Ziit… Viel Spass!GrussPhilipp

Hey dude if i can make it on the 2nd i’ll see you there, got back from Moscow on friday so have been taking it easy for a couple of days [image][/image]Phil

oi Phil, don’t get confused, it’s not the man like Ally but Bruno… I’m having a nice cup of tea up here in sunny Glasgow…we had a brill drive up to Glencoe to let my piston rings bed in an picked up some sheep stuff as well…I don’t know…strange country this…ok, hopefully see you on the 2.7.02. I will be there at around 9ish.cheers,BrunoPS: Rob, how is it going? hopefully you got what you were looking for on Saturday…cheers,mate…

Ok Bruno mate will do, dont know if it will be that early, but i will see you there [image][/image]l8r

Bruno,Sorry can’t make the 2nd hope the mapping goes OK. That green monster is beautiful enough but with another 20 bhp…Planning anymore UK trackdays?

Bruno, hope you got my message via Emerald, sorry i could’nt make it just too much to do at work [image][/image]Hope the mapping went ok, let us know what the figures were [image][/image]Cheers

Paul…hope you and your beast are ok, yeah, shame that you couldn’t make it. there are no track days planned in the UK this year. unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow it.Phil… no, didn’t get your message…bugger…it was quite difficult to find Emerald…specially if you don’t know London at all…later,Bruno