May i just ask.....

who’s the youngest Exige owner here? don’t answer if you don’t want to


He’s just a little boy

Thanks Unkle Steve

Why not find out youngest and oldest, to see the spread of ages.

I’m 47, so deffo not the youngest

I’m 73

  1. Exige owner since the age of 32…

I, of course, am 21! again

I’m 73

Bugger, too late!

Well it looks like my “child bride” has a good chance of winning this one

I was 22 when i got my S2 Exige.

I’m 25 now

Chris H

i was 21 when i got my supercharged vhpd exige, now 24 waiting on supercharged honda to go in.

Hi own up to been 48, but swear I’m getting younger each day I drive my Exige (although my hair seems to be getting whiter!)


(although my hair seems to be getting whiter!)


You’re lucky to have hair - so many on here don’t (myself excepted, of course)!

44 going on 20 here

Hey thanks for the respone, i was wondering if anyone would actually tell the truth i was asking beecause i wanted to see at what age it is possible to own a exige reaisticly (without going bankrupt ) i am 15 and thinking what my first Lotus will be S1 elise it looks like at the mo (sport 160 of course )

Stick in at school, get a job in IT and you’ll have one before you know it.

I’m 21

funny you should say that, i’m very fond of IT and one of the top in my class

I’m 35, but am having trouble with my 11 year old’s homework, so does that mean I have the mental age of a ten year old??

Just you wait �til he starts doing AS level stuff .