Maxsports - Exige (& S2) sizes


Some people know how well these tyres are performing on S1’s, even with their rally profile, they perform very well even on the wet, at a fraction of the Yokohamas price.

There has been talk of these tyres being available soon on the Exiges (& S2) sizes: 195-50/16, 225-45/17

I was just on the phone with Red Barry from Maxsport for an update, and he confirmed they are going ahead with the 225-45/17, as this size is also used on the Scoobys and demand is high.
They are not convinced yet on going ahead with the front sized ones though, as they don’t have a feeling on how many would they sell.

I told him I was going to get back to him on this.
So, who would be interested on buying Maxsports for their Exige/S2?

I for one am, Yoko 048 peformance for about �200 a set . I’m tired of paying through my nose for tyres, I guess there are many more out there.

Please reply and I will compile.


For �200 a set and 048 performance, yes interested

I would be interested if the tyres are as good as you say

You mean you haven’t heard of them? I have to tell you then that they are competition rethreads.

I think it was Tut who started using them up here, and most of the Scottish Elises are using them now. Nothing but praise, ecellent for the track and trips like Stelvio, etc.

I can vouch for their grippiness, having been in Tut’s car and driving countless times side to side at Knockhill, but some people don’t like the fact they are rethreads.

Check out: Maxsports Competition Tyres
The model we’re talking about is the RB5

Contra to the advice on Seloc (which opinoins can vary wildly) I would still be interested

Uldis - I would be interested…

If there was any danger of the retreads delaminating, I think we would have heard about it by now !!

If Ian is reading this, any word of the new wheels ? I would like to tie these two things together, if you see what I mean…


i’d certainly be up for trying them as I know how many plaudits they get from S_E but i couldn’t guarantee repeat buying - unless of course they are as good as some S1 elise owners say on our exige

Yes count me in for a set at that price please Ulddis

I take it these are for dry track only and you cant use them on public roads.

Nope, you can use them anywhere.
Nott great water clearing capabilities but better than Yokos A048’s, and most of the S_E uses them.

Nice one, I’m defo interested.

I think that if they would sell them in Italy by an official dealer, there could be MANY requests, as the only good track tyres are Yokos and they cost around 1000 euros here in Italy (about 650 pounds)

Count me in I’d be very interested in a set however just to muddy the water a bit I’ve used Colway intermediates (also re-treads)extensively on a race car and they really are top tyres for the money, high grip and very progressive at the limit. I also think that Colway may be more amenable to manufacturing in Exige sizes.


What kind of Colways have you raced with?
I have tried the Traxstars nad agree with the predictability, but not the overall grip.
I found thir grip ok, but not as good as the Yokos A048’s, more like to learn to slide due to their predictability.
Also, Colway manufactures Exige sizes, only the front instead of 195/50 becomes a 205/45. No problem there, I am using them right now.

I’ve only used the Colway intermediates (click on motorsport and scroll down)Uldis so I’m not in a position to compare relative grip with Traxstars/A048s. I suppose the only definitive way is to get them fitted and get the stopwatch out.

Hmmm, no Exige sizes on that one.

The Maxsports thred pattern is exactlky the same as the ones below the Intermediates, the Formula 2, and I don’t know how but they manage to clear water better than the Yoko A048.

hey Uldis

LOOK HERE Colway now do Traxstars in the right size for our fronts…


Just remember these are remoulds and as such are prone to falling apart when they overheat.

If Ian is reading this, any word of the new wheels ? I would like to tie these two things together, if you see what I mean…

So would I - Grrrr

I’ll chase again.


Hmmm, that link is strange.
In the first line it says 195/50/16 and on the following it says 195/45/16, describing the same tyre…

Have to ask.

But thats not the problem. I know what Traxstars feel like, and they are not on par with the A048. The Maxsports are, at least in the Elise sizes.
That’s why I want to go for them.

And Mark, Tut and others have tied the Maxsports in lots of trackdays and temperatures. Not even one report on a damaged tyre. Just happily worn