max speed in gears

What sort of speed should I be seeing in each gear at the rev limit for a std 177BHP version ?

Below is my maths from the numbers in the service manual. These are for the close ration transmission.Gear, mph/1000rpm, mph at 7800rpmFirst 5.8 45Second 9.9 77Third 13.1 102Forth 16.7 130These numbers are independent of BHP, that will only influece how quickly you get to them.[This message has been edited by Matthew Treagus (edited 20 November 2001).]

MattLooks about right, as I get an indicated 80mph in second & 106mph in third.Isn’t second gear great for overtaking other cars [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Final column at 8000rpm for those that take it a little further up the dial.First 5.8 45 46.4Second 9.9 77 79.2Third 13.1 102 104.8Forth 16.7 130 133.6And yes second gear in the Exige would be my most favourite gear in a car ever Third in my old M3 would be my number 2.

Sorry that was very geek.My favourite gear is…

Wonder what max speed in 5th is for those with the power to get to 8000rpm (assuming their flipping car moves at all…)

Fifth is 20.2 / 1000rpm. If you are seeing maximum power at 8000 and you can get there in fifth that should give you 161mph. That’s silly though. Hold tight please.