Max height for comfortably fitting in an S2 Exige?

Hi, thinking of replacing my Evo 6 with an S2 Exige. Is there a known max height for the driver to not to comfortably fit in one as not sat in one yet and though i’d find out as the seat don’t have much adjustment?


I am 6ft and have a good 3 or 4inches of seat movement to go. I think the problem would be head room I know my mate at 6’4 would not be able to drive one as standard. Some people removing some of the seat padding (there is not much!) to get in. You can always go for a custom seat.
Its all about how much you want it

Cheers for that info Jamie.

Jamie wots the headroom like as i am too 6ft? sounds ok in the leg dept.

Will be checking one out aater in the week for size but just wonna be sure i’m not wasting my time if there tight.

There’s some 6’4" S1 drivers. There’s some thing you can do to make it more comfort even if it is a bit tight. Well worth it for the experience.


I am a long legged 6ft 2. Headroom is fine - there is even just enough with a helmet. In my old S2 Elise the legroom was absolutely spot on with the seat right back, but for some daft reason on the later Elises and S2 Exiges Lotus have redesigned the brackets which mount the seat to the runners so the seat can no longer go right back to the bulkhead. Only looses half an inch or so of legroom, but it has been bugging me enough to think about getting some new brackets fabricated, or get some from an older S2 elise and see if they fit.


I am 6’2 and have quite long legs… I am fine in the car and dont have the seat as far back as it goes… yet to try wearing a helmet… but am sure will post either way (from happiness or disappointment)

I’m just over 6ft and have plenty of space in the car, both leg and headroom.

The top of my helmet touches the roof (stop laughing at the back! )but it’s still fine

6’2 1/2"

No serioius problems but ideally could do with an inch or so more leg extension. Helmet’s fine on track days which I can’t say for the integrale I used to track.

6ft 3 here, very comfortable driving position, seems to be plenty of head room



i nearly bought an s1 a year ago (to replace my lancia delta evo - my mate who had one for a couple of weeks said i wouldnt fit!) this sounds promising to me.
daft question no 1 - what luggage space is there in a s2? used to a little (porsche 911/993) - overnight bag?

Luggage space is ok but not fantastic. You can get a few squashy bags in the boot but the opening is quite small (and a lot smaller compared to the one on the 111R)

You can also get some stuff behind the seats.

You need to be careful with loose heavy objects though as the sides of the boot arent lined with anything, its just the fibreglass of the clam.

A few people have ended up cracking the clam due to things like loose bottles of wine rolling around in the boot.