Matt Miesnieks - Sydney, Australia

Number 471, one of eleven in AusLightning Yellow190 UpgradeCustom built Sport 200 Roll CageRace Seats & HarnessesSuede Steering WheelProFlex Fully adjustable shockslower stiffer springsLSDAttached engine intake to side ventSlicksRally IntercomLap TimerHonda Odessy Battery (4.5kg lighter)Removed AirCon & RadioCustom Sports Exhaust (Very Loud!)to come:- Carbon Body & Perspex Windows- Sport 200 brakes- Motec Engine Mgmt & Data Logging- Lightweight Fuel Tank- Speedline Mag Wheels- Rose Joint Suspension- Maybe some engine devt…I love it! My previous car was a Porsche GT3 and this is just as fast under 200kph and more fun.[This message has been edited by Matt M (edited 22 February 2002).][This message has been edited by Matt M (edited 03 September 2002).]

Hi Matt
Who made the cage for you car? do they make one that could be sent to the uk by Mail ? lotus seem to have cages sticked up in the UK you can only get them through them , i need a full cage as we are going to rally our exige

Can’t you get one built here?

Can you post a pic of your car… i’d like to see it in lightning yellow.

I had my cage custom built locally. We kept the rear half of the Exige cage, and just “copied” the front half of a sport 200 cage. It meant cutting the dash and changing the way the roof connects to the screen (in order to fit the front roll over hoop across).

I’ll send some pictures via email