Mate just stuffed his S2 Exige

Hi all this is my 1st post here:

A classic case of typical young driver (26) graduating from a FWD hatch (Cooper S) into a light weight RWD car and ar*eing it big style.

Since taking delivery of his new (now crashed) pride and joy in August I’ve only been in his car once but the experience probably put me off and I hate to say it - he had it coming as he was taking liberties to the extreme, I’ve never knew such cockiness from someone who thinks he can drive like Schumacher and thinks just because the Lotus is such a capable machine, he asumed he was invincible. Most of my other friends who had been in his car thought exactly the same.

It happened when he overtook a car approaching a roundabout and even though the car had ABS, with the greasy December roads, he had to exercise a bit of caution…only to stupidly drop from 4th to 2nd and as he entered the roundabout decided to let rip with the throttle to ‘try’ and slide the car on half-cut slicks only to have the back end flip out catching him out hitting the kerb square with both wheels and then off the road missing the lampost by inches.

When he phoned me to let me know what he had done, despite telling him from my past experience of owning an Elise, even on road tyres it is a car that will catch you out in the wet and suggested to him if he was to drive the car through the winter to change into a set of road tyres as those Yokos are a liability. Also told him to take it easy being a RWD mid-engined car he wouldn’t listen and to make matters worse the damage could escalate from �5k initial quote as it needs a new front clam and needs new wheels and other bits, knowing Lotus, I wouldn’t be surprised if it rose to �10k…

…to make matters worse I asked once it has been repaired if he would sell the car, he told me the car was on finance. I asked how much he owed on the car and how much it cost him each month, he told me he financed the �6k deposit on a credit card, �470 a month for 4 years with a final baloon of �13k. I nearly dropped the phone when I heard that.

He also lives at home wishing to move out.

I’ve never heard of such stipidity because he’s going get his a$$ raped when the car is repaired as I expect Lotus will offer him an obscenely low price for the car as they know it’s been in a major accident.

Stupid, stupid lad…

If you see a chrome orange Exige for sale at a silly price in Edinburgh, stay away…I remember he was revving the nuts off it when it only had 300 miles on the clock with running in oil.

I reckon it’s going to take a huuge drop when he comes to sell it back to Murray Motor Lotus…

Lets hope he learnt a lesson from it…

A sad story indeed. Get some leasons I say!

Original S1 purchasers were a much finer breed!


What bad news, crashing is so depressing anyway but doing it because you were driving like a cock is even more so, he should just be thankful he wasn’t killed

Lesson learned indeed!

Ian, you saying S1 owners My 2nd ever trackday at Donnington, must have been a couple of years ago now, November, the 2nd roundabout before the main enterence and what do I see (from my crappy rustbucket)… A S1 Exige “parked” headon into the ditch

Didn’t even know what the car was then

Sounds to me like you are loving every minute of your so called mates misfortune !!!
you should be glad he has not injured himself or worse still an innocent bystander. Instead you are gloating over how much he is paying for the car and how much he will lose on it when he comes to sell and telling everyone to steer clear of his car when he does try to sell it.
For all you know the damage could be minor!! it would not take much of a bump to run up a bill of �5-�10,000 at a lotus main dealer.
Glad i dont have mates like you

Ah, but Mark you didn’t buy yours new, so don’t completely fit that billing!

No, true, thanks Ian

So it was an old track car, and I always look after my engines, and it did kinda “need” a new front clam as it was a different colour and cracked in about 30 places (again all my fault but mostly some interesting trackwork combined with bad luck on the roads)

But as Chris says, it’d just be more gutting than anything, but I think he’s trying to “enforce” that maybe he should take it easy…

Christ, I drive like I’ve got Miss Daisy in the car now I have fun but at my own pace

Can I just say he’s more of a friend of a friend, however…

…I’ll put my hands up and admit my comments may have been quite harsh, just wanted to share his experience with you all.

I understand some may think there’s an element of “I told you so” but I know he’s lost some friends and have fallen out with people due to his arrangance since buying the car.

I accept we’re all young once (I’m 27), however a lot of people who know him feels the same and when the focus of his life is suddenly solely on his car as the financial constraints means his options of moving away from home is limited and has taken a complete lifestyle change as he even cannot afford to go out with his friends for a beer etc then there clearly is something wrong. Nobody wants to live his life just for a car. People are concerned about him. I do hope the damage is not serious and gets fixed up relatively pain free.