Mark 2 Exige

I am new to the forum, so don’t know what the thoughts on the new Exige are. I was about to buy an exige from HR Owen when he told me about a new exige out in March. Any thoughts?

New Exige to Change the Rules
Hethel, UK

8th September 2003

Not since the arrival of the Elise has any car made such an impact. Now, as the current Elise improved on the original icon, so the Exige is to perform the same feat. The new Lotus Exige bears all the hallmarks of a true racer. Large air intakes and front splitter dominate the cars aggressive front stance. Sweeping lines and extended air scoops lead into the commanding rear haunches and spoiler, proudly displaying the cars racing intent.

With Lotus Design working in conjunction with Lotus engineering and aerodynamic teams to achieve an optimum driving experience, the Exige performs as dynamically as it looks. Powered by a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder 16 valve engine with VVTL-i variable valve technology and mated to a close ratio six-speed manual gearbox, the Exige will sweep effortlessly past 60mph in under 5 seconds whilst breaking the 140mph mark with ease. With an output of 190bhp, the Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured engine is perfectly suited to the Exige, revving to around 8350rpm.

As with any Lotus, perfect dynamics are key to the product. Tuned by Lotus� world famous Ride and Handling team, every conceivable component, such as suspension, wheels and tyres have been developed to provide the ultimate performance both on and off the track.

The Exige will be unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motorshow for the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific markets. Details of specifications and price will be announced closer to this unveiling date.

The K-Series engine will continue to be used within the Elise range for the foreseeable future.

A used Mk1 Exige can be had for �20k, the Mk2 will probably cost around �32k-�35k. What extra do you get for your money? Nothing as far as I can see…possibly less. Oh hang on…you get some extra weight. Great!

I was keen on buying one…until I saw the spec (expected more like 240bhp) and humdrum styling - was expecting something a bit more like the white prototype that someone managed to get a sneak photo of (Hello Mr XXX )

A big disapointment and missed opportuntity to move things forward from Lotus, IMO.


This is ooolllddd news. See here

for previous discussions


Ally, my words…

Well now I’m fuked. Having been put off the S1 as I was paying, with promises of a new S2, and then seeing the white underwraps prototype (!!!)… and then reading your comments… . Help I’m told comes with promo material on the new S2 out first week of Jan. �1000 deposit gives delivery in March/early April. But I have cash sitting here and nothing to play with…

Come on Jan!