MAP sensor pipe broken

Been out in the car and the she’s running as rough as a badgers ar5e
Looked at the engine and found that the fuel pressure regulator’s pipe was hanging off and found the’T’ piece has broken, leaving the MAP sensor tube open to atmosphere.
The two questions are… is this why she’s running not to full potential and can I get the ‘T’ piece from my local Rover dealer ??
Simon & Elaine

Well, nobody has answered, I guess the answer would be:
1- yes
2- maybe (try)


Thanks Uldis, manage to get a ‘T’ piece at the costly price of �1.78p
I think the car has gone into ‘get you home mode’, ie rev limiter about 5000. When I repair this pipe, do I need to return the car to a Lotus dealer to reset the ECU? (had this problem with Citroen) or will it reset itself.
Simon & Elaine


ECU should reset itself. There was a recall in 2002 & the ECUs were “updated” so that if a misfire is detected, the revs are limited to 5500. Cure is to switch off & leave for approx 30secs before restarting.

If this doesn’t work, then without firing the engine, turn the ignition key to the on position - slowly fully depress & release the throttle 5 times, then switch off & leave for 30 secs before firing up.

Fingers crossed

Uldis, Mr Pesky
We’re smiling again. thanks for the advice
Simon & Elaine