Map needed urgently!


Can any kind souls out there pass along a map for a 190 VHPD with eliseparts manifold 421 and exhaust silencer (large bore), no cat or standard CAT for the Emerald ECU.

The car is running rich.

I live in Jersey and there are no real tuners here.

Thanks in Advance.


Have you asked Dave Walker or Karl at Emerald?

Dave Andrews (DVA) is also extremely knowledgeable & helpful.

I got a couple of maps from Leoni at Emerald. She has been great with the support. She sent me a few maps but they are all different to my setup.

I have a VHPD lump with verniers fitted to match the 190, a Emerald ecu and a full exhaust 4-2-1 from eliseparts.

It doesnt look like there is alot of people out there with eliseparts exhausts. I suppose they are extremely loud.

I will see if i could ask Andrew for a helping hand.


Can any kind souls out there pass along a map for a 190 VHPD with eliseparts manifold 421 and exhaust silencer (large bore), no cat or standard CAT for the Emerald ECU.

The car is running rich.

I have but I think it needs some tweaking. The car has a VHPD head, 285 cams, ~Exige airbox, EP 4:2:1 manifold, EP flexicat and unknown silencer. It runs rough a f*ck when cold and doesn’t idle. Once warm, though, it’s sweet as anything. You’re welcome to a copy if you want, but I make no guarantees about the quality of the map - I need to get it into Dave Andrews for a general check then up to Emerald for a RR session.

If you PM me your email address I’ll send it.

Thanks for that! Much apreciated.

Here is my email: [email protected]

If anyone else has a similar setup to mine please let me know.

I wish i lived in the mainland to get the car on the RR!

sent !

Cheers mate!

Shame this map, was mapped for a head that has had work done and possibly different cams.

If anyone else out there has a map for the 190 VHPD with the eliseparts exhaust let me know. please.

I will have a look for my old VHPD map. I had a standard engine apart from Jenveys a QED airbox and an elise parts exhaust and mine made 206BHP on Dave Walkers rollers.

I will have a look for my old VHPD map. I had a standard engine apart from Jenveys a QED airbox and an elise parts exhaust and mine made 206BHP on Dave Walkers rollers.


That is loads of power from a basic VHPD!!!

Mine is not even there with DVA’d head and 1227’s!!!

Dont really think the EP exhaust will be a huge variable in this case… the standard large bore Janspeed is not a million miles away.

Much Apreciated!

Its great to see the lotus community together. Funny how everytime you go past another lotus there is always a sign of recognition such as the flashing lights or horn!

I suppose you have to be an enthusiast to love these cars! You either love them or hate them!

Ive owned mine for over 5 years and it feels like an never ending project!

I have already gathered a few different maps that are not relevant to my setup and i will be posting them back for other users.



Yeah I know, Dave said it was one of the best ones he had seen. I think at the time it had only done about 11,000 miles from new. It broke the crank and threw a rod at 13,300 miles!!!

dave sent me a Map! Hopefully it will be perfect!

Wow, what a difference! the car is much smoother… just had to move the timing foward on idle a bit to run at 1100rpm

Did you try mine and, if so, was it OK or not useful at all.

If it was OK, but your new one is a lot better, could you email me a copy of your new one so I can try it ? Mine just does not idle at all at the moment.



10 minutes of adjustment and your idle will be perfect, just get the car here… or I have a document describing how to do it…


Cheers Dave,

I intend to book it in with you for a bit more than that sometime soon, but new baby is keeping us a bit busy. I’ll email you.



I will email it to you. I hope it works well for you.

It is much smoother! But i had to advance the ignition. Once done it was perfect! It stopped puffing and coughing…

I never managed to get to test yours since Dave’s map was very good!

Dave - Thanks very much! Is it ok to move the ignition foward a bit? it was zero before and it was idling like a normal elise at 800 to 900rpm?

Im gonna take the cat and fit a silencer from Eliseparts 5" will i need another map? it should be ok right?


Do you mind sending me that document also?

Many thanks once again.


Here it is…

Then use the following procedure to set up the idle and corectly align the pot/map. It’s been developed over many many sets of TBs and works.

<this para refers to Jenvey TBs)
Note when setting the idle and balance do not under any circumstances play with the air bleeds to achieve idle, these must be in the fully closed position regardless of the type of linkage in use. These are for minor trimming between barrels when the balance between the two throttles on a single DTH TB is out and when the overall balance between the two TBs is as near as you can achieve using the balance mech. If you use the air bleeds to set the idle then the moment the throttle is opened the balance will got to hell in a hand basket and progression will be downright awful, you MUST balance the throttle plates and idle is the only place you can practically measure the airflow and achieve balance.


Turn off idle control in the software!!!
Make sure the engine is hot
Make sure the idle advance is no more than 5 degrees,
Slacken the locking nut on the balance mech


i) make sure there is some slack in the cable.
ii) measure the airflow between TB 1 & 2 against TB 3 & 4.
iii) if 1 & 2 are low, increase by turning the balance grubscrew clockwise, if 1 & 2 are high reduce by turning counter clockwise. If they balanced lock up the adjustment grubscrew and ensure you have 1000RPM, if they are balanced and at 1000RPM go to viii)
iv) adjust the overall idle adjustment screw if idle falls or rises too much, set idle to 1000RPM
vi) if you have adjusted the overall idle adjustment screw then make sure you re-align the throttle pot in the software immediately.
vii) go to i)

viii) Let the engine idle and go to the live adjustments screen

Look at the lambda scale and adjust the fuelling until it shows two or three bars into the yellow, try trimming the fuel up and down two or three points and note the point at which the idle starts to fall in either direction, then go for the middle point which should give a clean and reasonable idle. If the idle starts to fall when you are adjusting the fuelling then you are going in the wrong direction, start adjusting in the opposite direction, The fuelling is right generally when the idle is at its fastest, if the Lambda scale doesnt appear or appears way off then it could be that your sensor is faulty. If the idle speeds up , adjust using the idle adjustment screw NOT the fuelling or timing, reset the throttle pot each time you adjust the idle screw. Recheck the balance.

When you have the idle stable and smooth at 1000RPM and the lambda reading consistently in the yellow by 2-3 bars then the idle is OK. Reset the throttle pot and set idle control on in the software with values of 25 degrees and an update rate of 10, then all should be well.

It might take a while to go round the cycle a few times, be patient, take your time, its worth the effort.

If you dont have a near perfect idle then you have not followed the above, I have never known it to fail.