Making the news.....

Spent the day driving my Exige from Oxford to Cambridge in a ‘race’ aginst a plane and the train in support of a TV news item about a new air service between the two university towns. Both BBC and ITV were there and I’m told it’ll be on BBC South and BBC East and maybe similar coverage on ITV. Needless to say I lost (That was the point of the publicity) but had an interesting cross-country drive and maybe some TV credits for Exiges and LDC. We’ll see.

You on tonight mike?

Wouldn’t mind seeing that…lets us know when it will be on, if you can.

South today, tonight, IYSWIM! or not at all!

Sounds like a laugh, not that i’ll get to see it here in the midlands!

Well I’ve recorded it, on at about 22:20, so will see. If you don’t live down South and have Sky checkout channels 940-960, you may find it available on there.


Clarkson would never have let that happen javascript:void(0)

Did see, what gives?]


No Idea Ian, I live out of BBC Look East and South today territory so I don’t know if they used it or not. More likely to make a strap line for a business report perhaps. I don’t know if they used it at all. Probably not - I’m not very photogenic ; the car on the other hand…