Making the Exige cooler...

Ok, it’s not an original idea, I saw it done first to Pesky’s car.But this weekend I did it. The (allegedly) best way to cool the Exige.Check out the pics (they’re together with my previous mod of opening the fake vents). And to my eyes the result looks awesome. The car should have come already like this. [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]Uldis [image][/image]

I think you’ll find road spray will get in to the ‘boot’ area but I’d have thought you’d keep more than enough heat to dry it out!I removed the plate, drilled out two large holes behind it and then reattached it with velcro. It comes off nicely for trackdays and the heat reduction is quite remarkable. You can feel the drop in the cabin!Ian [image][/image]

UldisLooks a good job! Seriously considering similar mods to my carWhere did you get the mesh grille from?Giles

GilesDid the same to mine - mesh was from B&Q !Andrew

Got the grille in two places: B&Q, and it was nice and thin, smaller holes. But while using it saw that it was waay too soft and bent easily. You could cut it with normal scissors. But it was gold and needed to be painted.I also got the one they use is those Max Power modifications shops (Checkpoint in Aberdeen), cost about the same but much stronger. Ended up using that.And it was aluminum raw color, so no painting.Apart from looking nicer, it is stronger (and not heavy at all - Aluminum). [image][/image]Uldis

looks great! I drilled about 20 holes in mine as I was concerned about cutting the whole area up to the crease. What did you use for cutting up to the edge?

Just finished cutting mine out What A job, drilled then spent ages with a couple of filesJohnC

I used a fine hacksaw blade … just wrapped it in duct tape at one end and cut one hole big enough to get it through to start. If your careful you can just follow the profile with a little to spare - finish with a fine file.

Wow!Just back from the south (trip to Cadwell etc) and it seems there are going to be lots of Exiges with the mod done!Pesky, you have started a Trend!Ant, just like Andy said, just use a hacksaw (in B&Q they sell one with a handle but the priciple is the same, one ended) with fine teeth and don’t go too close to the edge.You can file that perfect later withe a normal file and for the finishing touch medium sandpaper followed by fine sandpaper.But that is the easy part, just make sure you pre-bend the aluminum to a perfect shape and then bond it.Cool !Uldis

Guys have you sealed the cut edge of the fibreglass? I’m certainly no expert but was speaking to someone once who said that water creeped into open fibreglass and had a habit of wicking further in. Over winter/cold periods this would freeze and thaw spreading further and cracking gel coat as it went…

I’m with Steve on this one,You MUST seal the edge that has been cut.Once water has got in it will have the same visual effect as if it was metal,sort of GRP rust!!Pete [image][/image]

Any suggestions for the best way to seal the edge reasonably invisibly? I’ve opened up the rear vents on either side of the exhaust.

I have the advantage that the car is silver color, so any kind of gray will seem the same (in small proportions).I have a can of gray paint which I sprayed in my fingers and then smeared across the edge.You should get some similar pait for your car. Touch-up paint?Uldis

quote:Originally posted by Brendan:Any suggestions for the best way to seal the edge reasonably invisibly?Its a good question - I think you could use silicon sealant, however, that does not have good “run” properties, ie, will not leach into the fibreglass to form a deep bond. It may be best to use the resin available when laying up the fibreglass originally?

WHy not simply use a touch-in pencil? or…super-glue [image][/image]