major leak :-(

carpets soaking wet (had to remove and wring it out)

will have it looked at @ the 1k service next Saturday - but anyone else experienced this? not obvious where the water is getting in…




I’d check whether there is any gap at the top of window, especially at the front.

not obvious where the water is getting in…

As it’s an S2, have you taken the roof off?

I’m sure it’ll be an easy fix - good luck

the seal looks tight at the top, if anything it appears to be seeping from the bottom left corner seal (as you look out of the drivers window)

roof hasn’t been touched

Had something very similar in my old S2 Elise, water was coming in around the rubber that fits around the window for the mirror, quite strange, never got it fixed though so no help really but I think that maybe your problem as well.

Front top corners: I have to wind the windows up with the doors open to get the glass to seal.


Are those original doorcards? Maybe the plastic sheet has been disturbed when they were fitted? If you take the card off it should be easy to see if the seal is tight at the top.

Mine had a leak from the area adj the mirror, the dealer fixed it after i moaned. Also it somtimes leaks in the the rear bottom corner of the drivers door window and either spits at me while driving or if parked it can run down the seal to a similar position to yours and then down the door card. I would let the dealer sort it, if now then go round each area in turn with silicon grease. At least that way you can narrow it down.