Magnecor leads for Exige

right, had enough of all that missfiring. will order some magnecors. but there are 3 in question: 7mm cable black, 8mm cable blue or 8.5mm cable red. so, which one to go for? they say that the 8.5mm cable is for racing engines. so, which one have you fitted ? it seems that the UK factory is moving. so, I have to order directly in Yankland.cheers,Bruno

The bigger the cable the less the Volt drop.This means the bigger the cable the better the sparkThey don’t help to keep you off the lawn though mate [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

BrunoHave you tried as they stock the leads already made up for the Exige?Good luck…you little cuckoo clock [image][/image]

Bruno,Hi mate, you bought shares in Flymo yet? [image][/image]I think most people are on the red leads

cheers, nice one, lads…just sent an e-mail to Moto-Build to get sorted…

God you guys are relentless! [image][/image]

Am I the only person that has never had the original leads comeloose to cause a miss-fire?Jeez, now I’m worrying about things that haven’t gone wrong! [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Ally:Am I the only person that has never had the original leads come loose to cause a miss-fire?Nope. I’ve not had this happen to me either! I still think I’m going to get me a set of them there HT leads tho - prevention being better than cure and all that. Besides they look funky… [image][/image]Ian.

Ally,Nor me. I’ve had the dreaded 5-5500 misfire on 2 occasions only but I’ve never found a loose HT lead anywhere. The misfire is almost certainly a ECU problem. As for the leads, I’m sick of trying to push them back on and finding that they’re all firmly seated. So, you are not alone in NOT having expereineced this - perhaps we’re just not trying haerd enough?!

Sorry folks, but I’ve never had a misfire either, let alone loose leads, and I’ve never checked the leads because I’ve never needed to (still on the original leads).

Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I’ve never had a misfire either but I still frequently check the leads to ensure they are firmly fixed on due to all the reportsof them coming loose! Paranoia’s a great thing. [image][/image]

Good policy!If it works leave it alone

quote:I’ve never had a misfire either but I still frequently check the leads to ensure they are firmly fixed on due to all the reports of them coming loose!I don’t check mine deliberately because out of interest I want to see if it does eventually starts misfiring. [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Brannan:Good policy!If it works leave it aloneYep agreed.Though it definately does happen on some but I’m sure its a marginal thing.I’ve had it 3 or 4 times only once did it appear to be resolved by disturbing the Plugs ( at Donington) and waiting to hope it went away was not really an option.I’ve heard that if you switch off and on again this can cure it. I tried this but no luck, perhaps I did not wait long enough for any ECU problem to reset, I only left mine a few seconds before restarting.It also only seems to occur following a breif stop after running hard . I’ve never had it happen whilst on the move. This would be consistent the ECU being fooled somehow at start-up, and also give a sort of plecebo effect after getting in there with the screwdriver.I have found the Magnecors do make other differeces e.g smother idle I wonder if any improvement is just enough to mask any marginal ECU problem? Perhaps when I get the Emerald ECU I’ll put the original leads back on (I suspect the Lotus mapping is pants)The frequency I was seing this was definately increasing, I have only changed the leads, and I think by now 50/50 I would have seen it again. All a bit inconclusive.

Shortly after running-in my car, I experienced the dreaded misfire @ around 5500 rpm on several occasions. Changed to Magnecor leads, & it’s never happened since! IRC Russ was experiencing the same problem, so we managed to get a “bulk discount” from Magnecor [image][/image]

That’s it. The truth is out - it’s all a myth, a rumour started by Magnecor salesmen!. I’m not going to check my HT leads any more! Not until I get a misfire at least! However, that doesn’t mean that the Magnecors don’t improve the HT sparks.Mike

Magnecor Red’s changed my life. Well worth replacing the leads. Misfiring was a big problem - airfields and spins would guarantee to dislodge the leads! Rough roads or very hot engines would force the leads off too. “Water in the plug hole” didn’t help either!The car’s not given me any bother since I got the leads swapped. Worth getting them fitted properly, a good set of leads fitted poorly won’t fix anything.Magnecor have a standard set for the 340R which I believe is the same lengths. At least the box that my old leads came back from Haydon’s had a “Lotus 340R” label on. Maybe less expensive than a “custom” build.