M4 Speed Cameras - Beware!

We should ALL take note As of the 14th July 2003 information boards CONTAINING SPEED CAMERAS that calculate average speed over 1 mile sections will go live on the M4 (Wales). These cameras continually re-asses your speed and are linked to the DVLAetc.who issue fines / points. They have been on trial for a while but now they go live. Please pass onto any one who may use the Wales stretch of the M4. What next? SimonE

what next you ask…people not the cars will be tagged and monitored by satelite, you’ll be fined for moving to quickly. The fine will come from your wages before you get them to stop non-payment.The penalty, your car impounded!!well its possible the way its going!do you happen to know which junctions its going to be between.

Actually it is infectious…There are a whole series of these mysterious new concrete laybys with arrays of metal boxes on the M4 between Swindon and Reading…I thought that they had to paint all speed cameras etc fluorescent yellow and warn people that they are there. How else are they going to do the job they pretend to do, i.e. reduce speeding? I suspect that this is going to be just another stealth tax!!Lets just blow them all up…(Er I think I meant the cameras, rather than the politicians )

does anyone else share the opinion that this wonderful scheme is merely going to increase number plate thefts?with the �5 london congestion charge and now the “big brother” camera’s surely its worth the risk of getting caught to some people to justify stealing number plates and driving how they feel with out the worry of being charged / fined or liscence pointsafter all its been done for petrol drive off’s and other offences so why stop at that

I know they are going live between newport and bridgend on the date mentioned. I was under the impression that they were using the Small traffic master type cameras that are on nearly every bridge! Mind you if there is an error on your number plates I think the fine is only �10? But I might be wrong…

The main point is that these numberplate offences do not carry endorsement points.So if you have those black surface mounted letters on your number plate and the leg has broken off say a ‘R’ leaving a ‘P’ or two numbers are accidentally transposed then you are looking at a �20 to �40 fine.