M1 on Saturday Afternoon

All being well, My car will be ready on Saturday morning! Seriously happy! I will be driving pretty much the length of the M1 from London to Yorkshire on Saturday Afternnon! Stopping off at Silverstone briefly. If I pass anyone or t’other way around, don’t forget to wave!


Weirdly, I’m driving your old 355 up the M1 to take Admin5 to Scotland… !

Hold on, why is Dave coming up here? Where exactly?

May be the perfect opportunity to see his new Ford…

…beacuse Brian is clearly towing it behind the Ferrari!!!


I’m now collecting the car from Prestwick airport on Saturday morning

Picture the scene:

As the sun rises over a snow covered deserted airfield, two chiselled figures stand next to a hard driven Ferrari still ticking from its charge up the country. Out of the morning mist comes a low flying transporter plane, it lands, pulls up next to the Italian marque, and as the rear starts to lower our hero enters a door in the slide of the transporter. After a few moments a deafening roar breaks the silence. Suddenly lights blaze from the rear of the plane, the roar becomes a scream and an arrow like car emerges at speed and accelerates up the runway…only to run out of fuel and coast on its wobbly tyres to the side of the tarmac.


Rox Teddy lives nearby!

Maybe he could take some pics for the group?

Mike! are you there?

“pulls up next to the Italian marquee”

Oi… you calling my car a tent?


Whoops, sorry, edited accordingly. And there I was just trying to bring some amusement to your afternoon.


Nice one !

Don’t forget the foot pump chaps!


Don’t forget the foot pump chaps!

Didn’t realise that Vinyl Veronique was going too, but thinking about it…

Don’t forget the foot pump chaps!


Yep, foot pump, jerry cans, blocks of wood, documentation, drinks, CDs…

AA card…

Some oil…

After all that it is a false alarm for me! Cooling fans have failed on the Exige and so we are having to wait till next week. Gutted! Will keep you all updated!


Same here… false alarm… SNAFU with the shippers… the car should (ha !) be in transit today…

saved by the bell…

i’ve been away all week, nearly missed this… i’m only 15mins from Prestwick and would have been gutted if i missed out… God Save the Queen eh Mr Admin… I’d lov eto come see this if you don’t mind keeping me posted.

It was good to hear from you yesterday, it’s a shame I didn’t have a nice Ford GT to show you

I’ll post updates as I get them

next week eh…