Got my car yesterday, man that LSD makes a difference almost turned it around the first i took a 90 degree bend in first. The UCR is superb i cannot believe the difference between it and the standard gearbox, it’s seamless accelaration is superb. The motorsport motor also seems to be much more willing to rev to 8000rpm in each gear.

Luckily i had got my eliseparts exhaust back from the guy who bought my previous exige after he took out the motor and still had a K&N filter lying around so by this afternoon it was sounding like it should again. Still running a bit rich but i don’t want to part with it for a day just yet.

Having read the topic the other day on exige’s being more than just car’s i couldn’t agree more, a major decision for me in purchasing another exige was the fact that this bulletin board is available and everyone on it is so helpful that i am never only relyant on dealers or mechanic’s for information and solutions to problems. Because we only have 5 of them in this country and 2 no longer have the lotus motor’s in them our knowledge pool is limited.

Apologise for the length of this post, it’s almost as wide as my smile was the first time i stood on the brakes and remembered why these cars are so fantastic.

Welcome back !!

Oi Jason!

good you’re happy with your LSD.
If you have some detailed first impression let me know, as I am going to send the gearbox to be rebuilt/blueprinted and it could be the right time to fit one.

What do you mean by “turned it around”?

Hi Uldis,

I cna highly reccomend it, i raced mine previous exige agaunst this one the year befor last for the whole season, our times were ner as damnit, but out of the tight corners he was far quicker and now i know why.

Will try to get it out to the track on saturday and will give you a detail of my first hard driving impressions of it. The UCR is a must though.

By turned it around : I turned right at a stop and thought it would be good time to give it a bootfull, which i could always do in the other one and it just bit and had some power oversteer.

Hi Jason

keep us posted on ‘the SA way’