LSD or UCR kit

No, not the acid one , but been thinking about fitting a Quaife (or is there another one?) to my CR box.
Maybe make it UCR.

Anybody has one laying about? would like to avoid shelling out lots of money for new ones (how cheap am I?)

Rover 620 Turbo uses a LSD - try the scrap yards

Which I think is the same engine as the Rover 220 Coupe Turbo (best M/way cruiser I ever had).

They’re quite easy to crash (not me thankfully, I just blew the turbo) so some of them maybe scrap.


By the way the Rover ones are Torsen Diffs not LSD’s

Hi Uldis

Might be worth talking to Paul Luti at Dreadnought, I think he’s just fitted a LSD to his Elise, not sure which one he got, but think it came in at around �500. I think Mike has a UCR fitted to his Exige, might be worth asking him for a spin to see what you think of it if you’ve not driven one with a UCR.


I can only say “go for the UCR”!
I drove an exige without…and it was so annoying!

I think I’m just going to leave it at that.
Just going to do a good blueprinting to save money for some Nitrons

Uldis - good luck with the blueprinting…

Let us know how you get on…

BTW I’ve just had a Quaife LSD fitted to the audi-box, but I can’t drive it till it’s all fitted back in the black beauty…