LRV Exige

Drove the Aqua S1 Exige at LRV today…can’t say I was all that impressed ! Looked great in Aqua, handeled nice but the enigne didn’t seam too eger…maybe because it was hot and the car had been standing for the last few weeks…didn’t have that top end surge I was expecting and didn’t feel 70bhp up on my Elise

Then I needed to stop…brakes were non existant !

No race seats or carbon airbox both are high on my list of wants…aircon didn’t work, standard exhaust.

…and they want �25k for it !!!

…the search goes on

Neil, Are you sure it had a standard exhaust

There was a Janspeed on it when it was dropped off

Brakes are standard, thats why they are crap and air-con never works in an Exige, a 2 degree drop is all that you will get

Stick with the search - your car is out there !!

…when it was dropped off

Did say 1 lady owner then?!

Had they removed the Trusy and Phil sunstrip?!


Hi Phil…they did mention it was your good lady wifes car (about 10 times!)

Yup Standard zorst…and the brakes were not crap an in standard…they were crap as in…AAAARRRGGGHH we heading for that artic and the bastard brakes don’t work

yuppp sounds about right yep standard brakes…the original brakes were very poor on the exige…i upped my wifes life insurance and replaced the brakes on mine

oh btw a standard exhaust with the cat is the reason there is no omph at the top end …

…and the brakes were not crap an in standard…they were crap as in…AAAARRRGGGHH we heading for that artic and the bastard brakes don’t work

To be honest, they do work, you just have to stamp on them. Feels rather disconcerting though!

Pagids RS14s and don’t look back.


Trust me these were bad ! It felt as though I’d been on track for an hour and I had bad fade. Way too much travel…when I got out after the drive there was a lot of rust on the rear disks, and definate score marks ?

Also there was enough lead on the rear wheels to roof a church.


Sounds familiar…

My experience is that when an Exige has been standing for a while (e.g. on the dealer’s forecourt in rainy weather) the discs do tend to develop a layer of surface rust, and the first few times you brake that gets scraped away, and you have pathetic braking, however after that the brakes are usually fine.

I developed a routine of checking the discs when going out after a period of inactivity, and if there is a sign of rust I practice my left foot braking until the car becomes hard to drive !!!

It may also be that the fluid is knackered, or that some air has got into the system, which would be another cause of long travel and poor stopping.

Why not ask the dealer to change the fluid and bleed the brakes, clean the discs and then let you try again ?? Nothing to loose!!

the original brakes were very poor on the exige

Phil - I assume you mean your wife’s particular car as opposed to the Exige in general - although you had the perfect benchmark in your 2nd one!

I found the brakes in mine good as standard…at least as far as road driving went…but a quantum leap for trackdays was the holy trinity of steel hoses, Castrol RS brake fluid and Pagid RS14 pads.

Campared to braided hoses and RS14’s there were poor !

Always gave me the “willy’s” when i drove it

But your right, standard they were good so its not fair to make the comparision.