LRV Anglesey Day Video

Just a quick taster for a Cadwell Video - go to the following link (file is only 1MB, so shouldn’t take too long to download)Will distribute the Cadwell Video on CD-R with more length and better qualityGiles

Good stuff!I recognise those Exiges [image][/image]

And so you should - one of them is yours! [image][/image]

GilesHave you got anymore video of last Saturday? If so, any chance you could send it to me, or post it on the Bookatrack site - ta.[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 18 April 2002).]

quote:I recognise those ExigesSo do I! I wonder why? [image][/image]

RobI have loads more, as and when time permits - I will edit and bundle up some more footage.I will sent to you and Lord Whitter by emailGiles

quote:I will sent to you and Lord Whitter by email[/B]Thanks! [image][/image]

Can you send them to me as well [email protected]

JohnEmail address added to my listGiles

quote:Originally posted by GilesA:I will sent to you and Lord Whitter by emailCheers - I look forward to receiving it [image][/image]John O’s car is of course the silver Exige in the video [image][/image]CU at Cadwell [image][/image]