LRV Anglesey 2 Oct

For any potential attendees, ring Mark at LRV on 01254 876777. We are going down the night before if anyone wants to have a beer or two.

OK - I’m comin’ to this I’m actually back that weekend - will call tomorrow

Where you staying Russ ?

Nothing sorted yet Andy, probably the one near Gaerwen again. If I get a show of hands, I will check availabilty.

Interested, just seeing if it’s practical.


ps. I have a new exhaust, so won’t get gassed this time!

I’m booked in with LRV

booked in with LRV…just got to find somewhere to stay,phl wont be attending,this is a first for me !!

OK, what rooms do we need? Is this a definitive list:-

Me & Veronique (Double)
Dad (single)
Andy - (Single)
Trudy (Single)

Or are there any sharers or others I have missed?



Still a possible.


Guys and gal, rooms now booked. Ian, if you are a definite maybe you need to book fairly soon as there is only one left, and that is a twin at �74.50. Trudy, yours is �45.00. If there are any alterations, please email me asap.

As The Boss is now accompanying me, Veronique 2 is available for the night, but bring some lube as she is not run in yet.

Is it the same place as last time Russ?


Is it the same place as last time Russ?


Sure is, Ian Link Here

Hope to see ya there

hi may thanks for booking ,but please can i have a twin room,as i need to bring my minder if im meeting all you northeners,he is a big 6"3" south african,so he wont be my passenger around the track!!!{ he is my house keeper}

p.s i need to book for 2 nights friday and saturday night …

No probs, Trudy. We can swap.

The hotel are ringing back to confirm the last twin with me in the morning. I decided to book and see if the car (suspect alternator) and family (we’re not as practiced as having kids as you yet!) would come through for the date.


Thanks Ian. Trudy, can you sort the extra night directly with them, as this could easily fubar if I do it?


The last room has been added to Russ’ booking (which was their preference when they couldn’t see a booking in Trudy’s name and I asked them to try Russ T). I also checked and there is currently no problem with availablility for the Saturday.

Right, I’d better see if that alternator’s going to messing things up…


Ta Mate

Thanks for sorting the rooms Russ

See you all Friday evening … sometime !

Thanks for sorting the rooms Russ

You won’t be saying that on Saturday morning


Pesky (Olympic Snoring Team)

I have a secret weapon … developed by Lotus …