LRSS @ Donington Sunday Oct 12th

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Russ, JohnO & myself will be there to support Mark Donald, Gav Kershaw & possibly MattyLadd.

As it’s local for the Edwards boyz, AndyD, Giles, Brendan & Steve Field, you’re also expected to be there!

Me too !!


Of course - sorry. I’m a forgetful old Hector

Tell me more sorry to seem ignorant but what,s going on?



See link in original post & this one Donington Park

There will be plenty of good races - particularly for us the LRSS - come & meet the Lotus Exige/Motorsport Elise/Elise owners who race their cars, they are all very friendly & you can chat with them & study their cars. What better way to spend a Sunday?

Sounds good I will do my best to be there.



Thanks for the reminder, Pesky. I’ll try to be there.

I might get leave, too

I’ll be there…


I’ll be there…

Hopefully on track?

Oh yeah - forgot

Well, I can’t wait anyway!


Mr Pesky,

Do you know what time the race is on Sunday 12th?

We need to plan our weekend

Cheers Steve.

Looks as if I have convinced a mate to come, though we won’t be in my Exige - come on Rob - what timings, and where do we all meet???


to save you the bother, I present you with Donington Timetable

Russ & I plan to get there about 10.30. I suggest that we initially make contact with mobile phones, as when when we arrive at the circuit.We usually park near to the gates to the Paddock entrance which we use to get in on trackdays.

PS Don’t forget to tell your mums where you’re going

My mum told me to watch out for dirty old men…

So I’ll see you on Sunday then

Thanks for the support guys - it is appreciated!


A great day was had by all, and I am sure we picked up no end of ideas for car improvement from all the surreptitious crawling around under cars that went on !!!

Thanks to all the Lotus drivers for making the other cars look tame

Except, perhaps, the red Sunbeam ‘Tiger’, and the Aston Martin Le Mans …