Incredibly after my rant at Mr Sogsters noise problems I had one of my own today?

A chap from 2 villages away turned up at my door (shiny black 4WD W@nker Wagon) moments after reversing up the drive to have a go at me for ripping past his house in 2nd at 7.8K rpm. He was also upset at the banging and popping. He’s not impressed with my ‘upshift afterburner with accompanying big bang’ I on the other hand love it - he must be a wierdo.

In an attempt to show that Lotus owners are not complete cocks I agreed that I would steady on in the best interests of local harmony/safety and to be honest hes right about the speed bit (I’m old enough to know better).

I resisted pi$$ing myself when he then declared he has had lots of fast cars himself and he now has an M3! Well would you beleive it - there lies the problem for him M3 = small cock + Big Ego & upset him with my Metro Engined sweetie

He even asked me how I would like it if he drove up and down my street in his bimmer. I resisted saying the sight alone would offend me.

I now feel totally vindicated and will be instructing my Termigoni Equipped Ducati mates to take in a little bypass when they go out at 07.00hrs every Sunday


PMSL @ your “Sunday Solution”



Forgot to mention I had a fantastic drive home and was grinning like it was my first ever drive



Well I found out who this character is. Loads of money no job or kids. Hangs areound with younger chaps so he looks flash - sad. Tools round like a loon in the M3 and basically it was the pot calling the kettle grimey arse!

Looks like it’s a case of the green eyed monster. He’s seen the Exige and got all upset it’s flashier than his thrice as dear bimmer. There’s talk of him getting a ferrari. Lets hope so coz when that brakes it will kick him square in the spuds

Our saviour on a unicycle the C*nt’s been round again claiming I went past this morning revving like a Tw@t.

I cant help it if someone go’s that way to work with a loud bike which sounds like my car and revs it in a seemingly unecessary manner??? I was in bed thanks! My brother might have gone that way to work, I have no idea???

On the way home I kept to the limit past his house in first and as soon as it got to 60 ensured I got to 60 ASAP. He took this as antagonistic behaviour? I was just obeying the law. There’s just no pleasing some people. I even offered him a Pax ride and shook his hand.

I think it’s gently driving him more mental than he already is.

So he’s chased me home twice and was quite aggressive. Does he have to Tw@t me before I can get him with harrassment?

I have had to use it to commute this week as my daily drive is having a touch of paint.

Has anyone else suffered such pesecution?

If I leave early I free wheel it off the drive and half way down the road b4 cracking the motor to avoid this sort of thing.

Christ almighty and I thought my neighbours were bad, I’d drive past his house every f*ckin’ day at 6:30 am in first gear just to piss him off!

Good on ya, keep it up!

I was away this weekend but I understand some bikes went past early this AM.

He’s a proper pumper - we’ll sort him out.

It’s like the farmer who painted ‘P1ss off Biggles’ on his barn roof as he was sick of the low flying.

Word got round and everyone with wings went for a look


i always smile when i start mine and think of the neighbours at half 5 every morning! i knew it was going to be loud when the sales guy said with a smile on his face lets start it in the showroom! apparently the boys in the garage werent very happy something to do with a silly exhaust?
makes me smile though!


i had a proper laugh at your story… mucho grasseo…

thanks for the support chaps.

Had to take it steady today due to two lovely’s on horseback

If he looked like they did I would do EXACTLY what he asked!!!

If he looked like a horse you’d do what he says? Oh well, fair enough, whatever rocks your boat!

But why the long face?

Steady, I may… ‘Takeafence’