Just wanted to know how people are getting on with noise levels during track days. Have got 190 upgrade, decat pipe and sports exhaust. Am thinking of doing a few days at either Goodwood or Thruxton, however have only done 105db days before and have been on noise limits on a few occasions. Just worried that I won’t pass the 98db levels on these days. I know that if its a warm, dry day the car is ‘quieter’ but don’t want to take the chance of it being too noisey on the day if the conditions aren’t right.
Any thoughts on solutions short of putting cat back on for the day, too much power seems to disappear.

I have a 190 upgrade with cat bypass pipe and just passed the Goodwood noise test at the recent Southsea Motor club sprint - I was 104db at 5800RPM - they are very strict on testing procedure!! There is no way I would get through on a 98db day.


Silenced decat pipe or just replace cat for the day? Any better for db levels?

At bedford Neil A and one other Exige (I think Mike Lane) both got black flagged for noise.

Neil was 0.5 dB over the limit and was running a straight CRP
whereas I have a SCRP and was fine so I would suggest either a SCRP or putting the CAT back in for the quieter days.

Yes, I got done…

Had the racespeed side exit exhaust, but I was getting bangs and pops on the over-run, and I think that’s what did it…

Kam what exhaust do you have and how old is it? That’ll make the most difference. I have the original still on the car but it’s knackered (baffles gone) and with the SCRP gives 103db. Weighs a ton too!

The Eliseparts SCRP is meant to be pretty good but is packed and not re-packable, so I suspect it’ll get worse over time. I have the Moto-build one which has no packing and makes a little difference. I’m (well, Moto-build are) about to fit a Larini exhaust which along with the SCRP I’m hoping for 98db.

The Larini one is meant to give a good noise, is lighter, give slightly more power but designed to pass trackday limits. The Racespeed one is very loud, the Eliseparts one is loud, the Powerspeed one is pretty good on noise but needs re-packing about every 8000 miles.

Hope that helps.


Ian, I believe that Larini have the test exige in today so that they can take exact exit pipe lengths when its fitted.
I was hoping to have it sometime next week so the guy thats doing the service can fit it at the same time but it doesn’t look likely. Does having the baffles knackered in the original unit affect performance?

Yes, it does, besides, baffles mean not direct through, so less flow.

I have the Powerspeed and have been measured at 93db (but I also have a sports Cat). I would say the Powerspeed is the best bet in this case.


Please keep us posted about the Larini exhaust - I am in need of a new one and was going to get the Eliseparts one but I might hold fire now - look forward to hearing your thoughts on it

I was meant to have my Larini fitted tomorrow, we’re now going for the 19th. I have a db meter, so I’ll let you know what it is with a Moto-build SCRP.

I agree with Uldis, the Powerspeed is probably going to be best, but you’ll have to re-pack it occasionally. Larini say they’ve made theirs very free flowing and should still give a few more horses, which is good enough for me.

The Eliseparts one just is very light but just isn’t wide enough to cut down on the noise, needs repacking too.


I’m another one who had problems at Bedford back in Feb.

Car is a 190 with the Janspeed Supersports (which looks like it’s been on since the 190 kit was fitted). I had been running at Brands with a CRP with no problem, but fitted a Moto-build SCRP I already had. this made a difference on the old S160 I had but on the Exige made no difference (or possibly made it worse) as my car was measured on static at 104dB, and driveby was so far from the target they said to give up now unless I had the CAT (I don’t!).
As I was also at Bedford 2 weeks later, I bought the Eliseparts SCRP, fitted it and had a noie test done by Bedford (static and Driveby). It passed. And on subsequent visit the static has reduced, 95dB last visit. Remember there is some toilerance in the measurement technique but I think my car is now around 96dB.

An additional point is that if you are local to Bedford (I work in Cranfield, 6 miles away) Bedford will carry out a noise test FOC if you are booked for a day there.