Lotus with Nitrous ??!

Has anyone dared to try running an Elise or Exige with a Nitrous kit?? If so, which kit, how difficult was it to fit, did the engine require other modifications to cope, is it worth doing?? I have a MkI Elise (with the sport140 B&C upgrade) which I am playing with the idea of putting a small (25BHP to 50BHP) Nitrous kit on… Should be amusing if the engine stays in one piece??

Sounds like one for Exiger to give his views [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]


I have a VX220 with Nitrous.Its a Highpower kit fitted by Trev and his team in Yorkshire. They did a flawless job, their service was fast, friendly amd efficient. Well worth the drive from London. http://www.noswizard.com/ There is another dealer in Essex - his name is Mike and also comes highly recommended (personal experience): http://www.nitrous-solutions.com/ All i can say is that i wish i had a never-ending bottle of gas :-)A refill will cost around �55Go for it, but make sure you fit a progressive controller to protect you engine (and investment!)Regards,E.E

Don’t do it to the K series engine! It canna take it Captain, she’ll blow!Seriously, check the archives on the Elise BBS this has been covered several times.

i have a 1400 K-series and have run 50Bhp nitrous on it for a year now, without any problems.as long as the power increase is less than 50% of the standard power output the internals can cope.hence i’m limmited to 50 Bhp jets.HTHAndy

I toyed with the idea a few months back but quickly disregarded it after I could find no one who had a history of running nitrous with the VHPD unit.Check out this thread http://www.noswizard.com/bboard/viewtopic.php?topic=377&forum=1 I think getting proper insurance would also be really tricky. �Leon[This message has been edited by leon (edited 27 January 2003).]