Lotus vs 4x4

Anyone else been reversed into by a 4x4. I had a discovery not see me and take a big bit of paint off my bonnet, though not as bad as the elise i saw who was 6 grand worse off after a discovery had its way. Now Ive near driven the girlfriend over the edge with my paranoid parking.
Any other incidences?

Friend of mine has a 4x4 reverse up the front of their elise over the bonnet and onto the window. Then she drove off

Caused a hell of a lot of damage

Phil had a 4x4 completely destroy the rear of his S1 at traffic lights. Try a search, but it was a few years ago.


had a Bently reverse into my first S1 in 97, whilst i was watching in horror form a newarby cafe. the front of the elise sank and disappeared under the rear of the Bently while the old dude just kept on reversing, oblivious to its presence, now under his car. he pushed the poor elise back 1 metre befor ehe realised and simply just rolled forward and left his bently there. by the time I got there to inspect what i thought was going to be catastrophic damage, I was pleasantly surprised to find not a single scratch!

similar incident with a ute and my 340R 3 years later…only this time with a nice scratch in the middle of bonnet!