Lotus Track Day - Silverstone

Might pop in to this on the way back from Coombe - anyone going or know owt about it?

Following the Ultimate Track day held at Silverstone, Northamptonshire on the National Circuit back in October 2005,
Lotus Cars are building on this success, and will be hosting another event this year in July.
Venue: Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire

International Circuit (2.249 miles long)

Monday 16th July 2007

The Event:
The event will be open to all Lotus owners including Club Lotus members, existing customers with their own cars and also prospect
customers via the Lotus Dealer network. We would aim to make this day the complete Lotus Experience, potentially with additional
representation from Lotus Dealers, Lotus Club International, Classic Team Lotus, a Lotus Service Clinic plus Lotus Merchandise sales

Existing Customer Driving Place Bookings:

A full-day driving place for existing Lotus owners bringing their own cars to drive on track. This would entitle each driving place booking
to a minimum of 20 minutes track time in every hour and a two-course seated lunch in a pit-lane hospitality suite.

Full Day - �225 incl VAT

Additional Drivers - Bookings for additional driver(s) are will permit each additional driver to drive the same car in the same track
session (if sessions apply) as the main driving place booking. Lunch is included.

Full Day - �75.00 incl VAT

Non Driving Guests (and / or drivers� passengers) � Guests are also able to attend with full paying driving guests on the day. Each
guest will be entitled to passenger rides with their driver and also a two-course seated lunch in a pit-lane hospitality suite.

Full Day - �50 incl VAT

Instruction - For novice drivers wishing to improve their driving skills or for more experienced drivers simply wanting to improve their
lines and technique on the International Circuit, Track Instruction is also available.

Per Hour �75.00 incl VAT

Bookings - All bookings must be made in advance and made via RMA by the following channels. The quickest and most preferable
booking method is on-line using the RMA website below.

Web Site: www.rmatrackdays.com
Telephone: 01628 779 000

It’s been advertised on the factory website for a couple of weeks (as per my previous thread ), should be a great day. Pity it’s not on a weekend day though, I could’ve went then…

Oh, you mean this post



Still might turn up if the beastie is still working by then though.

I’m tempted and like Silverstone (although might be tricky to sort out work in time). Anybody else?