Lotus Sport or Plans?

Does anyone have experience of both?

I want to get the Cup checked out & set up - suspension, brakes etc - ahead of track days and I want a spare set of wheels (either the 240r type or an OZ alternative)

Just wanted to know if these were the only two realistic options, what the collective view was and an idea as to price comparability?


Both are very good, spent time talking to them at the workshop at Plans working out what to do next and comparing it with Lotus Sport, very similar ideas and ways of going about it. Plans are significantly cheaper though!

I’ve had no problems with the work that Lotus Sport have done, can’t comment on Plans though.
I’m not sure the the OZ wheels are available got the Yota engined cars yet. I sold two sets prior to buying this car as I was told they didn’t fit.

Lotus Sport every time, had a very bad experience with Plans setting up my 135R Lotus Sport sorted it and transformed the car.

Plans did a great job for me and have plenty of expience on the 240R etc

Yeah I have to say that Plans are the only people that touch my car with a spanner apart from me. I have used them on several occasions for geometry setup work and I do not have a bad word to say about them. John is hugely knowledgeable and Graham has been a great help to me at both the test day and my first race at Brands.

On the occasions when I have had my car setup, I got to drive my car on the track that they share (top gear track) and then make fine adjustments to the setup to get it feeling how I wanted. In my opinion this is a must when having your geo done as it is such a personal thing depending on your driving style.

I genuinly enjoy spending the day down there, they are a great bunch of lads!!!

I havent dealt with either of them yet, but funny enough I was on the phone to both last week enquiring about work on the car.

Got home in the evening to find a detailed breakdown of materials, labour, costs etc. from Plans. I still haven’t heard anything back from Lotus yet even after a few calls to them…I know which way I am swaying.

Plans seem very good. Been talking to them recently about upgrades to my Exige. They know their stuff, give you a detailed breakdown of every part and cost. (and quickly too !)

I found Graham very helpfull.

Exige 77

had mine done at plans and done a great job in my eyes they are the one’s to use

Just make sure they’ve checked your tyre pressures before handing the keys back to you