Lotus Sport Facility

Just read in Lotus Life about the new Lotus Sport Division (ex Motorsport?) is open to customer Cars. Any know what they are offering? Any good for an exige? Or is all custom built?cheersPhilipp

SchubiI understand that they will “upgrade” customer cars (new or used)with performance enhancements in mind. Without wishing to be harsh, the move appears to a sensible (for Lotus) commercial attempt to utilise the expertise/workshop facilities which they developed to support the defunct Autobytel race series.

The customer support the new operation provides over the phone and email was a huge help to me during my dampers/springs/slicks upgrade to my Exige.Questions like, “The inner diameter (ID) of the springs is pretty big - what is the smallest ID Motorsport/other customers has run with?” - consequently, I was able to downsize from 2.5" to 2.0".