Lotus Sport Decal Screen

Just fitted the decal screen to keep the sun out. What a waste of money. It doesn’t even fit properly ie follow the line of the windscreen!!

Rant over!

Agreed I got one and thought it was sh1t.
Doesn’t even come with a backing strip.
Now sporting a rather fine exiges.com one courtesy of Mr P.

Which one did you buy??

I bought a ‘see through’ Lotus Sport decal which fits the windscreen just fine. I’ve since seen a black & white version that has the black backing a la Exiges.com jobbies (that seemed to fit ok too).

It is the black one which says Lotus Sport and has a image of a car (looks like a Exige) it is not quite wide enough about 2cm to short and it won’t sit next to the curve of the rubber windscreen surround.