Lotus Sport Cadena GT3 - First Pics








Told you white is the new black

Looks mean!
Looks like a lot of work on the airo side note lack of roof scoop and engine lid venting. Nice

Here it is at Silverstone yesterday, for the Brit GT Media Day:


Apparently, it’s George’s 2006 car, which has been updated, & produces 350bhp. There are another 2 cars in build, & they should appear at the first race at Oulton on 9th April.

hmm… call me crazy, but I somewhat prefered the old GT3… hmm…

Looks very good, rear arches are a bit too wide though. Maybe they wanted the option to run even wider rubber if needed.

I don�t know what it is, maybe it’s the colour, or the wing, or loosing the roof scoop, but this car looks much tauter, much less �max power� than the road car… Actually, I quite like it.


So given the absense of the roof scoop is this one running with a water cooled charge cooler. Looks like a big rad up front.

Definitely like it more than the road car concept.

You are correct its in the press release (I mentioned it in the other GT3 thread) Wonder how long till the road cars get charged?

I wonder where the oil cooler(s) are or whether they are using an oil/water type?

Side pod?