Lotus show at Newark tomorrow

It appears Steve Green will be displaying his Exige there tomorrow (Sunday). I might pop up to check out his tinted windows, as long as I don’t get too drunk tonight, and the weather isn’t as bad as today. The car parks will probably be mud baths if it doesn’t improve.Basic details at the following link: http://www.moto-build.com/LotusShow/newarkposter.jpg

Can’t take my Exige I’m afraid, as we have kids in tow… Also, given that the front spoiler of the car is like 5 inches off the ground and the show ground is less than even, I’d fear for it’s longevity !However, I’m in the process of twisting my partners arm (metaphorically) to see if we can go in the Subaru (4-wheel-drive very much suited to the current weather…) especially if Steve Green is there.

She-who-must-be-pleaded-with, says "yes"So, I’ll be there tomorrow, with missus and child in tow.

Went along to the show today, should be ok, ground clearance wise, get there early and you should be able to keep at least two wheels on hard stuff, when you park. There was one Exige in the Lotus parking area. Was drying out all afternoon, and forcast for tomorrow is good. Not much to see/do inside though, so 7ukp is a bit much - especially if you have a family to pay for. Also Lotus parking is beyond where you have to pay, so no chance to just pop along for a free look at cars in the car park ( like at Donnington )

I will definitely be going…but appears to be a breakdown in communication with organiser and I still dont know if I am to display…told yes but have received no free tickets!!!

The bloke organising it ( Keith ? ) was at the show all day today, and the security guy at the gate appeared to know him well and could probably go find him, if there was any problem getting in.

I went today, hoping to meet up with Steve Green, only to find an imposter in his place!Steve was down as exhibiting Exige, but when I introduced myself to the owner of the Exige on show, it was somebody else (boy did I feel silly).Steve, were you leaving at around 12:30? Other than an Exige leaving then, there was only the show car Exige to be seen.Anywho, it was a fairly sparse affair (was Saturday busier ?) mainly made up of Elises… bit of a let down really.I went to Americana in August at the Newark showground and the show was HUGE, with 2 band playing either end of the grounds… and thousands and thousands of people. Seems like there’s a bigger following for American cars than the Lotus marque.

Whole show was a bit of a let down ( I went on Saturday ), especially when I had to pay 7quid. Took a load of photos on Saturday, and I was hard to make the Lotus parking area look busy ! Am sure Sunday must have been better, but I am sure with the weather, NEC Show on, and lack of dealers at Newark, attendance was never going to be that good. I saw one Exige ( Blue W-reg ) on Saturday. I do hope the show runs next year though, and you have the Donnington show to look forward to in the spring.

Yes that was me leaving…i think things turned out for the best…if totally confusing…I arrived early to exhibit but nobody knew anything so I paid to go in anyway. Then another exige turned up - alot cleaner than mine (had he brought it in a carrier bag!).I really dont think I could have stayed there until 4.00pm…just a waste of a good driving day and there really was nothing happening.Did manage to get a copy of the Elise & Exige accessories booklet off the Storm stand and a pair of driving lamps covers off one of the indie dealers.Sorry to have missed you…I waited around the vehicle a bit to see if anyone was going to say hello and then the road beckoned…

Is a shame Steve, if I’d got there a minute or two sooner we could have had a good chin-wag.That apart, it was probably a blessing in disguise, as I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than having my car on show and baby-sitting it all bloody day.

yes…I hadnt quite thought the time thing out properly…I thought i would park it up and off I would go to have agood look around myself…whilst we were looking at the display exige somebody nearly ripped the front licence plate off with their leg as they walked around it…I wonder if it had lots of sticky fingerprints on it by the end of the day!