Lotus Series 2003

Ok chaps… below a list of dates and places as promised.I sponsor Gavan Kershaw for this event and had a really good time last year,it would be really really nice if maybe some of us from Exiges .com went to see some of the races this year. Maybe even chipping in a few quid for some basic sponsorship etc.Your thoughts appreciatedJohnO [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]April 21st Castle Combe> May 4th Mallory Park> May 31st Oulton Park> June 28 & 29th Croft> July 27th Snettertton> August 3rd Donington> August 24th & 25th Snetterton> October 11th Donington

Hi JohnO, i am in the finding out about this series at the moment as i am looking to compete this year at some stage.Saw Bobby Bell this week and got some details about dates and reg’s, also speaking with Jonathon at Heritage Racing for more info.Can you mail me off line and let me know an ‘insiders view’ of the series. I love the idea of racing with like minded individuals who love their Exiges and of course competing agianst the likes of Gavan!If all goes well financially then i will be there (started my own business so cash is tight but could sell the misses!) if not i will be attending the events anyway.Cheers for now, Mark.

Yeh, I’d certainly chip in a few quid for sponsorship. I could attend at Oulton, Croft and Donnington but perhaps we could just do a couple of meetings and sponsor a decent proportion of the car if we can get enough people to give to an obviously good cause! It’s great fun being a sponsor (my co. sponsored and entire Clio Cup team for a season recently) and it’s a great day out so nuff said!

Johno - I will be trying to do a few rounds this year, although will be concentrating on the 750 Motor Club Roadsports. Unfortunately there are some clashes of dates.Cheers